Kartra Delayed Cancellation Feature

Kartra has solved a long-term membership software issue with its announcement of “Delayed Cancellation”.

If you’ve ever purchased a year-long subscription and realized halfway through the year that it wasn’t meeting your expectations, you know how frustrating it can be to cancel a membership.

In many cases, your membership will get instantly canceled (despite the fact that you already paid for an entire year), even if you’re planning to ride the remainder of the year out.

Kartra Delayed Cancellation

That’s why Kartra has introduced a brand new Delayed Cancellation Feature to keep your customers happy. This new feature allows you to extend your customer’s membership to the end of their billing cycle so they won’t get recharged, but they still receive what they paid for.

Let’s say your client or customer decides they want to cancel their membership. With Delayed Cancellation, you now have the ability to immediately end their membership, effective immediately, or extend it until the end of their billing cycle. No matter which option you choose, their billing will be stopped as soon as they cancel.

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