Automated Google Meet and Zoom Calendar Meeting Generation

Kartra’s calendar service just got a major upgrade. Now you can schedule Google Meet and Zoom web conference meetings in Kartra Calendar with a single click of your mouse. Kartra will automatically generate the Zoom or Google Meet URL, saving you and your customers time and hassle. And because Zoom and Google Meet are connected with Kartra, events are automatically updated if changes occur. The ease of automating your invitations saves valuable time and keeps you and your customers on schedule so you can stay connected from all angles.

About the author

Stephen Gardner

I had known I wanted to own a business since I was young. When I was six, I remember setting up my own “office” in the basement to start caring for work. I had no idea what business I would run, but I never liked working for someone else. I am not one to put my future in someone else’s hands.