Kartra Says Goodbye to the SPAM Bots

Kartra Says Goodbye to Bots

It’s no secret that bots and spammers are everywhere. Once one takes notice of your opt-in forms, you run the risk of your entire list becoming fake leads. Until now, there wasn’t much you could do prevent this from a Kartra perspective.

Introducing Kartra Captcha Mechanism

Fortunately, Kartra just announced that they’ve added a Captcha Mechanism “Kartra Bots” to their form builder so you can block spam bots with only a few clicks.

Kartra spam Bots Blocker
Kartra Says Goodbye to the SPAM Bots 4

Setting up this new bot protection is a piece of cake too. Simply add a new field to your form, choose the captcha and save it. This new feature works anywhere in Kartra you may find a work, including product checkouts and calendar registration.

Kartra Captcha Mechanism
Kartra Says Goodbye to the SPAM Bots 5

This is just another way that Kartra is continuing to improve their technology so you can focus on your business and not worry about pesky details like spam bots and spammers.

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If you want an in-depth look of everything Kartra has to offer, be sure to check out my full Kartra review.