Hello to the New Kartra Membership Builder

Did you know that membership sites are expected to be worth a whopping $325 billion (yes, with a B) by 2025? They’re also one of the best ways to guarantee recurring income.

So it makes sense that the Kartra membership builder is one of its most popular features. If you’re not taking advantage of this feature for your own site, I highly recommend you start.

In fact, Kartra just completely refreshed its membership builder, giving you even more control over how your site looks. The builder has a brand new navigation system, sidebar, header and a new template editing process so you can customize your site more than ever before.


The update allows you to easily change the color template for your brand using the new color wheel feature. Want to make some adjustments to the way you display your content? There are three new template layouts available—and you can preview them before your content goes live so you know you’re happy with the way it looks.

kartra membership builder
Hello to the New Kartra Membership Builder 4

The new navigation system may be my favorite change that Kartra made with this update. Whether you want to add a new category to your page, change the category title or add sub categories, it’s never been easier. You can also rearrange your categories by simply clicking and dragging.

Kartra Membership Builder 3
Hello to the New Kartra Membership Builder 5

The new sidebar is another great update to the Kartra membership builder. You can now use the sidebar to add a progress bar to your site so users can see how far they’ve made it through your membership content. You can also choose specific posts on your site to feature. Last but not least, the sidebar can also be moved to the left or right of your site, or even split if you have additional content to include.

The icing on the cake is the new update to the header. You now have the ability to add an announcement bar to your site so you can keep your users current on any exciting updates with your business. Or, if you want to add a marquee to the top of your page to welcome new visitors to your page, you can do that too.

Kartra Membership Builder 3 1
Hello to the New Kartra Membership Builder 6

These updates might not seem that big, but they’ll make your membership site much more personalized and appealing to your customers.

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