Kartra vs Kajabi? Full 2021 Review

Kartra vs Kajabi

It’s no secret that Kartra and Kajabi are two of the main players when it comes to online marketing. In fact, the two software platforms are often compared as they both offer a number of similar features. So how do you know which one is right for you?

Kajabi is the veteran of the two, founded in 2010 by co-founder and CEO Kenny Rueter.

As of 2020, the online business platform surpassed $1 billion in customer revenue. Kartra was created in 2018 by accomplished marketers Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime. In the two years it’s existed, the company is said to have a revenue of $5 million.

I’ve spent a lot of time in both platforms, and I can tell you that both are great. But there are certain features that each possess that may make it a better fit for you and your business. For instance, Kajabi has a number of limitations when it comes to functionality outside of membership sites — so if you’re planning to use the software to create emails, landing pages and other tools you need to run a successful business, you may prefer Kartra.

Since I’ve done the research myself, I’m sharing my full review of both Kartra and Kajabi so you can make an informed decision about which will best suit your needs.

Page Building Capabilities

Both platforms have decent page builders and editors and offer video functionality. Kajabi can automatically be integrated with Wistia, a video marketing software; however, you don’t have the ability to include a clickable CTA on your video or to make the video sharable. With Kartra, you can add CTAs, opt-in forms and tags to optimize your conversions, shares and sales.

Because Kartra is considered an all-in-one sales funnel builder, they have exceptional page building capabilities. In fact, you can choose from more than 500 customizable page and section templates. Its drag-and-drop feature makes it easy for even design dummies to build a beautiful page that will help draw traffic to your site.

Kajabi offers many of the same page building features that Kartra does. With Kajabi, you can create sales pages, lead pages and home pages — all with a customizable template, where you can choose the URL, visibility, title and design that you want to use.

Because it includes a theme editor, which makes designing your page a piece of cake, Kartra gets the win in this category. If you want to use a theme editor with Kajabi, you will need to buy additional third party apps.

Email Marketing

One of the most important parts of marketing your business is creating effective email campaigns. These campaigns allow you to spread awareness of what you’re selling and give you the opportunity to engage and build trust with your audience.

When it comes to email marketing, Kartra offers a service called Kartra Mail. This feature allows you to target specific customers using behavior-based automation, making it more likely that they will open and engage with your email. You can also personalize your emails so your audience feels like you’re speaking directly to them.

A huge benefit of Karta is that it allows you to split test your emails so you can learn what is and isn’t working. Kajabi does not offer this capability. You can also take advantage of email templates, making it super simple to create a well-designed email — another feature that isn’t offered by Kajabi.

It is important to note that you’re limited to the number of emails you send with Kartra. If you sign up for the Starter plan, you can only send 15,000 emails; each higher tiered plan allows more emails, with the Platinum plan offering 500,000 emails.

Kajabi offers unlimited emails with both the Basic and Growth plans, so if it’s a priority for you to send a mass amount of emails, you may want to consider it over Kartra.

Many of the features offered by Kartra are also offered by Kajabi, including automation and personalization. However, Kartra Mail trumps Kajabi’s email service, making it the winner in this category as well.

Sales Funnels

In order to take your audience from an ad, email or landing page to a customer, it’s important that you create an effective sales funnel. With Kartra, you have the ability to create your own custom funnel using any of the templates they provide.

However, you can also simplify the process and take advantage of the Done For You Campaigns. The DFY Campaigns are completely built funnels that include email marketing, sales pages, tagging and automation already set up.

Kajabi’s funnel builder, called Pipelines, lets you use templates called Pipeline Blueprints so that you have a funnel skeleton to begin with. You can then customize the funnel using recommendations that Kajabi provides.

Thanks to the ease of Kartra’s Done For You Campaigns, it takes the cake in this category as well. These campaigns will save you valuable time that you can spend concepting and working on higher-level projects.


If you’re wanting to create a successful marketing campaign, automation is key. Both platforms include great automation features, so it’s a good idea that you research both and find out which may work best for your needs.

Kartra and Kajabi offer similar automation features using if and then logic. With these features, you can send automatic reminder and follow-up emails as well as automated customer retention sequences so that you can promote existing products as well as products that will be coming soon.

One automation feature that’s exclusive to Karta is Behavioral Adaptive Marketing, often referred to as BAM. This allows you to adapt your marketing based on how your customers are engaging with your content so your campaign can be as personalized as possible. Because of its BAM capabilities, Kartra wins this category too.


A huge perk of Kartra is their built-in calendar app. This feature lets your customers book appointments with you using four different viewing options: the consultant, the recurrent, the gym and the live event. Kajabi does not have a calendar feature, giving Kartra the advantage.

Customer Support

A final feature that Kartra offers, which Kajabi does not, is its Helpdesk. The Helpdesk lets your customers connect easily with one your customer support team members through a live chat portal or via a built-in email reply system so they can get their questions answered and issues resolved quickly. Kartra is the clear winner in this area also.

Pricing and Plans

Kartra gives you the option of four different plans: Starter, Silver, Gold and Platinum. With the Starter plan, you get all of Kartra’s features, but there are some limitations, including the number of contacts, products and emails you can have.

The Silver plan gives you up to 12,500 contacts and 125,000 emails; the Gold plan allows you 25,000 contacts and 250,000 emails; and the Platinum plan gives you up to 50,000 contacts and 500,000 emails. It’s important to keep in mind that you can save up to 40% if you take advantage of the annual billing discount.

With Kajabi, you have the option of three different plans: Basic, Growth and Pro. The main difference between the three plans is the number of products, pipelines, contacts, members/users and websites you get. Each plan has the same features.

The Kajabi Basic plan gets you 3 products and pipelines, 10,000 contacts, 1,000 members and 1 website. Those numbers go up with each plan: the Growth plan allows you 15 products and pipelines, 25,000 contacts, 10,000 members and 1 website, while the Pro plan gives you 100 products and pipelines, 100,000 contacts, 20,000 members and 3 websites. You can save 20% if you purchase the annual membership over the monthly option.

14 Day Trials of Kartra and Kajabi

There’s no denying that Kartra is the overall winner when it comes to Kartra vs. Kajabi. While both platforms have their pros and cons, the features offered by Kartra are simply at a higher level than Kajabi. With that said, Kajabi is a great option for you if your business focus is creating courses.

It may benefit you to give both a try—and fortunately, you can do that for next to nothing. You can try Kartra for 14 days for only $1, while Kajabi offers a free 14-day trial.

The $1 Kartra 14 day trial lets you choose which package you want based on the number of contacts and emails that you anticipate sending. You can click here to sign up for the Kartra 14 day trial.

When you sign up for the $1 Kartra 14 day trial using my link, you will also receive 2 FREE hours of Kartra development from Automation Warrior (my Kartra agency) as a bonus. You can use these two hours to work through an upcoming project or to begin creating your brand new marketing funnel.