Kartra FLOATING MESSAGES: Offer A Better Customer Experience

Kartra Floating Messages

Did you know 74% of customers are willing to spend more money with a company that gives them a satisfying experience that they are already working with?

Well, how do you ensure your customers are satisfied? With good customer service, personalization, and by putting the right offers in front of them at the right moments.

And there’s no better way to let your customers know you support them right off the bat than with a floating message that displays at the bottom of your website pages.

Kartra Floating Messages

Kartra’s floating bubble message has a few different options:

  • You can display it immediately upon landing — This is ideal for greeting messages like “Hey, Welcome To [Brand]! Let me know how I can help :)”
  • It can appear after a few seconds — Use this if you want your visitor want to offer support without any distraction immediately upon landing.
  • Or, it can show up only after your user has scrolled on your page a bit — For example, you could create a “Have a question about pricing? I’ve got answers” message for when your visitor hits your pricing section of the page.

But that’s not all Kartra’s floating messages are capable of.

You can also choose to only show this bubble message to returning visitors if you so please. This is a great opportunity to incentivize return visitors with a coupon, so a message like “Can I interest you in 20% off? Use my code “bestdealever” at checkout.”

kartra floating messages
Kartra Floating Messages

Karta is rolling out new features constantly, so stay tuned for more updates!