About Me

Welcome to Niche Pursuits!  My name is Spencer Haws, founder of Niche Pursuits and family man with 4 kids.

So, what in the world is a “Niche Pursuit?”

Well, I created this blog originally as a way to discuss the various niche business ideas I was trying out.  I wanted a way to share what I was learning by experimenting with all these different ideas, or “niche pursuits”.

I created my very first website in 2006, but since that time I’ve launched dozens of different online businesses.

After trying, failing, and sometimes succeeding with my “crazy” online business ideas, I finally found enough success in 2011 to quit my full-time job as a Business Banker.

Here’s a few of my Niche Pursuits that I worked on over the years:

2005 – 2010 – Mostly failing at building affiliate websites. But these years were critical to me learning about SEO, how to build sites, and how the online world operates.